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Anyone who has the dream to become a part of the spring in manufacturing sector in India !


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We urge you to join our movement to increase the manufacturing powers of India .

For Sourcing Professionals & For Buyers

What we do

No Dedicated Capacity

The buyers will not have to maintain an in-house dedicated capacity to Manufacture every parts .

Learn Curve

A marketplace like Online Manufacturing helps you select from a large array of choices on how you want to manufactures your product .

Reduce Cost

Process of scanning & pursuing though a large number of vendors & auditing their facilities is time consuming job .

Why Online Manufacturing?

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, design innovation and watertight delivery deadlines are barometers of success. Huge amount of time is invested in procurement, vendor management by the buyers. A large amount of resources are spent by the manufacturer to find the right business partners and markets.

  • We are committed to minimizing both- we help you meet a qualified lead and prospects for business faster with efficient workflows.
  • We go a step beyond – provide relevant leads, manpower management tools, training, capacity audits and verification, vendor development and industry events.
  • We are platform providing collective manufacturing capabilities, B2B outsourcing and on-demand manufacturing.

For buyers and sourcing professionals

How We Work

  • 1. Upload requirements

    Upload your requirement for any manufacturing needs and obtain quotes from qualified vendors.

  • 2. Get Verified

    We verify all request & requirements from buyers as well as suppliers before processing them.

  • 3. View Verified Vendors

    We will provide you with certified, verified list of vendors with best facilities which meet your requirement.

  • 4. Get Quote

    Our dashboard allows you to see details specification of the Quotation.

  • 5. Select Vendor

    After comparing quotes & discussing specifications with the vendors, you can select the one which fits your requirements .

  • 6. Close The Deal

    We are happy to connect you with the best supplier to fulfil your needs.

For buyers & sourcing professionals

Don’t build or buy. Just outsource the capabilities to other manufacturers.

  • Reduce design–to-product timelines.
  • Add capacity on request.
  • Meet new vendors.
  • Get quotes from multiple manufacturers and vendors.
  • Simplifying the way you find new suppliers and get manufacturing quotes.
  • Find immediately available CNC capacity.
  • Create an RFQ/ Get quotes.

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6.7Mn Machining Hr

Component Manufacturing Capacity

2.5Mn Ton

Surface Treatment Capacity

1Mn Ton

Furniture Component Capacity

7.5Mn Machine Hr

Welding Capacity

4.2Mn Machining Hr

Tool Manufacturing Capacity

12.5Mn Machining Hr

CNC Machine Capacity

3.5Mn Ton

Sheet Metal Works Capacity

3.1Mn Ton

Casting Component Capacity

Some of the Industries Which We Cater

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Collaboration Highlights
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