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We will provide you with certified , verified , distilled list of vendors with best facilities which meet your requirement .



Anyone who has the dream to become a part of the spring in manufacturing sector in India !


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We urge you to join our movement to increase the manufacturing powers of India .

For Sourcing Professionals & For Buyers

What we do

No Dedicated Capacity

The buyers will not have to maintain an in-house dedicated capacity to Manufacture every parts .

Learn Curve

A marketplace like Online Manufacturing helps you select from a large array of choices on how you want to manufactures your product .

Reduce Cost

Process of scanning & pursuing though a large number of vendors & auditing their facilities is time consuming job .

Why Online Manufacturing?

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, design innovation and watertight delivery deadlines are barometers of success. Huge amount of time is invested in procurement, vendor management by the buyers. A large amount of resources are spent by the manufacturer to find the right business partners and markets.

  • We are committed to minimizing both- we help you meet a qualified lead and prospects for business faster with efficient workflows.
  • We go a step beyond – provide relevant leads, manpower management tools, training, capacity audits and verification, vendor development and industry events.
  • We are platform providing collective manufacturing capabilities, B2B outsourcing and on-demand manufacturing.

For buyers and sourcing professionals

How We Work

  • 1. Upload requirements

    Upload your requirement for any manufacturing needs and obtain quotes from qualified vendors.

  • 2. Get Verified

    We verify all request & requirements from buyers as well as suppliers before processing them.

  • 3. View Verified Vendors

    We will provide you with certified, verified list of vendors with best facilities which meet your requirement.

  • 4. Get Quote

    Our dashboard allows you to see details specification of the Quotation.

  • 5. Select Vendor

    After comparing quotes & discussing specifications with the vendors, you can select the one which fits your requirements .

  • 6. Close The Deal

    We are happy to connect you with the best supplier to fulfil your needs.

For buyers & sourcing professionals

Don’t build or buy. Just outsource the capabilities to other manufacturers.

  • Reduce design–to-product timelines.
  • Add capacity on request.
  • Meet new vendors.
  • Get quotes from multiple manufacturers and vendors.
  • Simplifying the way you find new suppliers and get manufacturing quotes.
  • Find immediately available CNC capacity.
  • Create an RFQ/ Get quotes.

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Collaboration Highlights
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