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For Buyers & Outsourcing Professionals:Your best vendor discovery platform

Don’t build or buy. Just outsource the capabilities to other manufacturers.

Online Manufacturing is a revolutionary end-to-end solution to bring verified vendors & buyers together and to help them conveniently connect and collaborate. Sourcing is a crucial part of the Manufacturing Industry, and identifying the right vendor can make or break a business. But the process is quite lengthy, tedious, and expensive. It requires a lot of time and capital resources, which can be better used to enhance your core business. Our team of experienced professionals understand all such challenges that vendor development can pose. It was the need to address these challenges, a desire to align the vendor development space with the 21st century and to shift the paradigm in the sourcing process that led our team to create an industry-specific platform that would allow vendors & buyers from across the world to connect. On registering on our platform, vendors can efficiently showcase their facilities, offerings and buyers can just as easily post their requirements & float RFQs. In addition, we offer our domain expertise to guide you through your sourcing process.

Online Manufacturing platform simplifies the process of finding a manufacturing partner by opening its unmatched database of vendors and facilities. From custom manufacturing to handling high volumes, we have vendors with facilities of all sizes, capabilities and experiences.

By aggregating vital details of manufacturing facilities, we ensure that you have all the relevant data points and information such as facility size, capabilities, certifications and ratings and reviews from other buyers, available at your fingertips.

We aim to provide our buyers flexibility, cost competitiveness and access to a limitless pool of manufacturing capacities, vendors and technologies.

The key advantages of Online Manufacturing for buyers and businesses:

1. No dedicated capacity requirement:

The buyers will not have to maintain a dedicated in-house capacity to manufacture every part. This also relieves them from marginal costs and responsibilities like maintaining a testing infra, designing and other overheads.

2. Short Time-to-Market:

By splitting your component requirement between multiple vendors or spreading finished product requirements to multiple vendors, you can ensure that you meet your deadlines and reduce the time to market without compromising on specification and quality control.

3. Manufacturing Innovations:

Innovation, advanced technologies and digitalization can transform the manufacturing business models, processes and services. These innovations create alternate methods of production, advanced technologies, new materials, and processes to manufacture the same product or an improvised version at a lesser cost.

4. Competitive Price:

With our pan-India platform, you will be able to get quotes and compare prices and capabilities from all vendors.

5. Reduce the cost of vendor development:

The process of scanning and perusing a large number of vendors and auditing their facilities is a time-intensive task. Often the cost associated with vendor selection and time delays end up putting the final product at risk. We make sure you get suitable quotation without having to go through a large stack of applications and tenders.

And finally, select from a large array of choices on how and where and when you want to manufacture your product and transform your capacity.

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