For Buyers & Sourcing Professionals

For Buyers & Sourcing Professionals

Don’t build or buy. Just outsource the capabilities to other manufacturers.

Online Manufacturing platform simplifies the process of finding a manufacturing partner by opening its unmatched database of vendors and facilities . From Custom manufacturing to high volumes , we have vendors with facilities of all sizes , capabilities and experiences .

By aggregating vital details of manufacturing facilities , we ensure that you have all the relevant data points and information on your fingertips such as facility size , capabilities , certifications and ratings and reviews from other buyers .

We aim to provide our buyers flexibility , cost competitiveness and access to a limitless pool of manufacturing capacities , vendors and technologies .

Key advantages of Online Manufacturing for buyers and businesses:

1. No dedicated capacity requirement :

The buyers will not have to maintain a dedicated in-house capacity to manufacture every part . This also relieves them from ancillary costs and responsibilities like maintaining a testing infra , designing and other overheads .

2. Short Time-to-Market :

By splitting your component requirement between multiple vendors or spreading finished product requirements to multiple vendors , you can ensure that you meet your deadlines and reduce the time to market without compromising on specification and quality control .

3. Manufacturing Innovations :

Innovation, advanced technologies and digitalization can transform the manufacturing business models, process and services . These innovations create alternate methods of production , technology , material , platform and processes to manufacture the same product or an improvised version at a lesser cost .

4. Competitive Price :

With our Pan India platform, you will be able to get quotes and compare prices and capabilities from all vendors.

5. Reduce cost of vendor development :

The process of scanning and perusing a large number of vendors and auditing their facilities is a time-intensive task . Often the cost associated with vendor selection and time delays end up putting the final product at risk . We make sure you get suitable vendors without having to go through a large stack of applications and tenders .

And finally, select from a large array of choices on how and where and where you want to manufacture your product and transform your capacity.
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