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Are you searching for Vendors / Manufacturers / Service Providers for your product or component development ?

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About Online Manufacturing


Online Manufacturing cherishes the ‘Make In India’ dream, and we want to turn that dream into a manufacturing sector reality . Armed with experience spanning over two decades and insights into the world of buyers and supplier in the engineering and manufacturing services , we started our journey towards making India a manufacturing superpower .

In doing so, we support vendors that need reach and buyers that need to outsource production . Our platform helps them meet , collaborate and create business opportunities and growth . Our insights and experiences at being both the buyers and suppliers side of the process have given us a deep understanding of the growth encumbrances for both the parties .

We bridge the gap between the buyers and suppliers by our business prospecting and vendor discovery platform .

The big manufacturers and buyers sometimes find it challenging to keep the competitiveness of ‘ making things with the factory gate ’ offset the cost of doing business . The expenses involved in experimentation and prototyping , cost of buying and maintaining a new manufacturing technology, complex procedures , compliance , testing infrastructure , poor logistics infrastructure reduce the overall competitiveness . This makes outsourcing an imperative for them. We help them identify the right outsourcing partner by providing access to our large pool vendors .

Our vision to 'Make in India' a driver of growth has also made us look into the stumbling blocks from the supplier/vendor perspective . The suppliers find it difficult to reach customers , showcase their capabilities and incur a high cost of customer acquisition . This escalates the cost of doing business , thus reducing their price competitiveness .

We aspire to create a revolution and transform the manufacturing sector into an employment powerhouse and take India at the forefront of innovation .

While demand and supply aggregation is one significant part of our offering , we are also focused on making SMEs the game-changers .

consolidate, market, collaborate and upgrade . We are working towards consolidating all manufacturing units and facilities under one aegis . We then showcase their capabilities and market their strengths to a broader audience . After getting identified by the right buyers, the manufacturers (vendors and service providers) collaborate to do business .

The buyers get the right suppliers at relatively low overheads, and suppliers get qualified leads and multiple assignments at low customer acquisition cost , and lower machine downtime .

Meet the team

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Mr. Rajendra Gangan

Founder & CEO

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Mr. Gaurav Parab

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Advisory Panel

Visions, Missions & Goals

Our goal is to help manufacturing facilitator struggling to sustain in this industry due to lack of network & work orders by connecting them on common global platform and pro-actively providing them multiple business opportunities .

To revolutionalize the manufacturing industryby empowering every level of manufacturing facilitator through the use of technology and help them sustain and grow their business .

To be global leader in transforming manufacturing sector .

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