Online Manufacturing is an outsourcing platform where we facilitate sourcing professionals/ buyers to find the right suppliers/ manufacturers and for manufacturers to reach new customers. Online Manufacturing connects companies seeking on-demand manufacturing services with qualified manufacturers and job shops, across India.

We provide you with a private dashboard where all the suppliers who are qualified to service you will send their quotes and facility details. You can compare prices and capabilities and put forward your requirements on the chat window provided with the dashboard.

Suppliers have to upload and enlist their facilities. Whenever a request is raised for a job, the qualified vendor or manufacturer will be intimated and allowed to apply for the same. This helps in getting valid leads without cold calling or incurring marketing expenses.

Online Manufacturing is an outsourcing platform which helps in process outsourcing. We do not cater to product outsourcing. Our differentiator is our unique price comparison functionality, making it a truly interactive platform.

Online Manufacturing first sends the requirements from the buyers to the supplier and solicits the quotes. The buyers get only verified and valid quotes from the suppliers instead of scanning through an unfiltered database. The suppliers listed on our platform are always audited, verified and updated. The supplier gets valid business leads through our standardized verification and validation process. The supplier receives relevant business leads instead of reaching out to an unfiltered database.

  • We only provide business leads to the vendors; we do not guarantee lead conversion.
  • We do not assist in the recovery of dues and payments from business to vendors.
  • We do not promote any particular vendor for a business opportunity.
  • Online Manufacturing shares the business RFQ with all available vendors.
  • We do not guarantee the performance of the vendor
  • Will not assist is settling quality/ time/ performance disputes between vendor and business.
  • We do not give preferential treatment to any particular business/ buyers.
  • Online Manufacturing shares the RFQ with all qualified vendors. There is no filtering or preferential treatment for vendors. Multiple vendors can respond to a single RFQ. The final choice of vendor is entirely the bussiness's decision.

    Online Manufacturing works on a subscription model where the vendor pays the platform to get listed. No revenue share between vendors and Online Manufacturing – only subscription fees; and lead generation costs. The businesses/ buyers do not pay Online Manufacturing any fees for vendor discovery.

    The Online Manufacturing has a vast network of vendors , but it does not categorically do any marketing or promotion for vendors.

    Online Manufacturing is only a vendor discovery platform. While Online Manufacturing does a thorough audit and verification of the vendor facilities, it is not a certification or accreditation of quality or capabilities.