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Meet customers, optimize capacity and increase profits.

Online Manufacturing platform is the most efficient and easiest way of bringing your facilities to the large sourcing companies and buyers. We help you get leads and work at your maximum capacity.

By listing your facility on Online Manufacturing, you move closer to the prospective business partners and buyers. We help you match your skills to the thousands of customers.

You might have the best in class facilities, machines, and resources. But are they optimally utilized? Most of the time the answer is no. Reason for that is you have very few and unreliable methods to reach out to the buyers. Introducing Online Manufacturing! An online platform where you can connect with Buyers across India and market yourself with a click of a button. Increase your chances of getting inquiries and RFQs. Be seen and get the most out of your business. Increase your customer base, get into contract manufacturing, and ensure your machines are never idle, and facilities are never empty.

Some key advantages of listing yourself on Online Manufacturing:

1. Reduced Customer Acquisition cost:

With a large number of buyers and sourcing companies in India and abroad, it would be challenging to reach out to the buyers specific to your machine fleet. But with the Online Manufacturing, you can access a large business number of business opportunities without going through the pitch deck at every client call.

2. Showcase Innovation:

We provide a perfect platform for manufacturers to showcase their innovation, expertise and experiences at product development.

3. Building a Niche:

By getting exposure to various kinds of clients / buyers and companies and working on diverse technologies and specifications, you may develop a niche or leadership position in a specific manufacturing segment. The varied buyer demands also keep you abreast with the latest trends in your industry.

4.Maintaining world-class standards:

With our services like training, development, and benchmarking according to global standards, you will be able to maintain quality infrastructure and be abreast with the latest trends in your segment.

5. Work at optimum efficiency:

With the right clients at your facility, you will be working at optimum capacity, reducing machine downtime. With the host of buyers at Online Manufacturing, you can share capabilities, sublease your machines; and collaborate to improve capacity utilization.

6. Reduce high customer concentration:

If your facility is serving a handful of large customers accounting for the majority of its business, then it runs the risk of high customer concentration. You can meet a large number of prospective clients to de-risk.

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